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The 13.2 edition of Octomore from Bruichladdich follows on from the 13.1, in that it’s made from 100% Scottish barley malted to a hefty 137.3 PPM, however the 13.2 edition of this superbly smoky single malt Scotch has enjoyed its five year ageing period entirely in first fill oloroso sherry butts, bringing waves of fruit and sweetness to the expressive Islay character.


Octomore 13.3 from Bruichladdich is made entirely from single source barley, grown on Islay, harvested in 2015 and peated to 129.3 PPM. This single malt Scotch was distilled in 2016 and aged for five years in a combination of first fill European oak casks from Rivesaltes in France and Ribera del Duero in Spain, along with first fill American whiskey barrels. As with all the Octomore editions, this is non-chill filtered, and free of added colour.


Independently bottled single malt Scotch whisky, matured for 12 years, from 2007 to 2019 in a single refill butt cask. After that slumber, it was bottled by Douglas Laing for the popular Old Particular range, with only 389 bottles produced.


A 2006 Aultmore single malt from indie bottler Douglas Laing, matured in a single refill hogshead for 14 years, before being bottled in October 2020 as part of its Old Particular series. Rich aromas of toffee, Christmas pudding, Chantilly cream and dried fruits fill the nose, complemented by notes of honey-glazed nuts, pecan pie, vanilla custard and orange zest throughout the palate.


Douglas Laing's exceptionally laudable upbeat Cheers to Better Days miniseries continues with this 2009 Benrinnes, a single refill hogshead (yum) bottled as a 12-year-old under the Old Particular label.

This refill hoggie 12-year-old Benrinnes will be a fascinating dram for anyone who's only tried the sherried Flora & Fauna edition, and with its hopeful message this Cheers to Better Days dram would be the perfect place to start exploring the unsherried side of Benrinnes.


A single-cask Benrinnes, presented by the expert team of independent bottler, Douglas Laing. Distilled in April 2014, and matured in a sherry butt for 8 years, it was bottled in 2022 at natural cask strength with no added colour and no chill filtration. Benrinnes style of spirit is often at odds with the traditional view of how a Speyside dram is meant to taste, as it's more on the heavy side of the spectrum. Luckily for us, that robust and meaty style is well suited for maturation in sherry casks. Expect fruit notes, along with a balance of sweet and spice.


Douglas Laing are well known for bottling excellent single casks in their Old Particular range and for producing Big Peat, a best selling Islay blended malt, and with this special release they have combined the two. This is a single cask from an un-named Islay distillery, but it's a good bet that it's a distillery that contributes to Big Peat's blended malt. It's been drawn from a re-fill sherry butt, where it slumbered for 15 years, then bottled at a hearty 48.4% with no added colour and no chill filtration. Expect smoky BBQ, espresso and sweet cereal notes from this mysterious dram. 


How splendid, a refill sherry butt of Bowmore with a good amount of ageing on it - look at that lovely colour. This particular butt was from the 2002 vintage and was bottled by Douglas Laing for the Old Particular series at the back end of 2020 (see what I did there).

Even at Douglas Laing's preferred drinking strength of 48.4% this 18 year old refill sherry cask gave up just 284 bottles and we'd be surprised if our share doesn't sell out pretty sharpish. A no-brainer.


54.5% ABV. Charged from an ex-bourbon barrel. 201 bottles. Distilled May 2005. Bottled February 2021.


“Cheers to Better Days” is a new 'mini-series' from the Laings that includes a limited edition Jura, Port Dundas, Linkwood and this Bunnahabhain, each from just one single cask. The family firm says the series has been bottled in recognition of a brighter future ahead. All four editions are noted to be bursting with Summer time character, and visually led by an orange label featuring a bespoke, hand-drawn illustration intended to signify “joy, warmth, health and success.”

Bottled at a punchy alcohol strength of 48.4% and proudly offered without colouring or chill-filtration, the Bunnah' is said to balance “a melody of zesty citrus juices and sweet spices.”

Cara Laing, Douglas Laing’s Director of Whisky, further commented: “The light at the end of the tunnel, that we are all so desperately craving, has been truly and beautifully represented by this mini-series."


Single grain Scotch from the Cameronbridge distillery, matured for 30 years in a single refill hogshead between October 1991 and May 2022. Bottled up at 30 years old, this expression joins the Old Particular series from independent bottler Douglas Laing, with a release of 168 bottles.


Independently bottled single malt from Craigellachie, released for the Old Particular range. This one was aged in a refill hogshead for 14 years - from July 2005 until November 2019 - and was then bottled up by the folks from Douglas Laing. 298 bottles were released.


12 year old single malt distilled by the brilliant Glen Moray, and aged in a refill hogshead cask from June 2008 to August 2020. After that dozen-year-long slumber, Douglas Laing came along and bottled it up for the Old Particular range, with an outturn of 354 bottles.


A sherry puncheon of Glenallachie 2005 bottled at 15 years old by Douglas Laing for their Old Particular series at a good drinking strength of 48.4%. Lovely colour on this whisky, and Douglas Laing know how to pick a good cask, so this is unlikely to hang around.

Puncheons are broad, dumpy casks associated with rum and sherry, and can be absolutely enormous - up to 700 litres - but this one has sadly only yielded 193 bottles, so you'd best be quick about it if you want one.