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A somewhat mysterious single malt from Douglas Laing's Old Particular range. This one comes from "Probably Orkney's Finest Distillery", though with the very small number of distilleries on Orkney, you might be able to figure out which one it was from. The whisky itself was distilled in June 1999 and bottled in August 2020 after 21 years of maturation in a refill hogshead. 236 bottles were produced.


A single grain from the Port Dundas Distillery, independently bottled for the Old Particular range by Douglas Laing. This one was distilled in July 2004, and bottled in December 2020 after a finishing period in a Pedro Ximénez sherry butt. At 16 years of age, the whisky was bottled up at 54.1% ABV, with an outturn of just 343 bottles.


This fine 20 year old Lowland single grain whisky was laid to rest at the Port Dundas distillery in October 2000 and bottled for Douglas Laing's Old Particular range in May 2021.

Charged from refill barrel number 15004 and bottled at 51.5% ABV, this is one of just 259 bottles that comes complete with presentation tube.


The third and final release from Douglas Laing's Old Particular Spiritualist Series is a 14 year old single malt from the Craigellachie Distillery, dubbed 'Intensity' (following 'Balance' and 'Harmony'). Distilled in March 2006, the whisky was filled into a single sherry butt and aged until September 2020, when it was bottled up at 52% ABV with an outturn of 309 bottles.


A single cask Talisker here, distilled in November 2009 and filled into a refill hogshead. There it rested for the following decade, until Douglas Laing bottled it in October 2020 at 10 years old for the Old Particular range. Just 376 bottles were released at 48.4% ABV.


A brilliant single cask unpeated Tobermory from indie bottler Douglas Laing! This single malt was distilled on the Isle of Mull back in 2005, and left in a refill hogshead for the next 15 years. In October 2020 it was drawn from the cask and bottled for the ever-wonderful Old Particular series, with 349 bottles released at 48.4% ABV.


OMAR Single Malt Whisky Bourbon comes from the Taiwanese state-owned Nantou distillery. Aged entirely in ex-bourbon casks, this is medium bodied with an oily texture and notes of vanilla and mandarin.


OMAR Cask Strength Bourbon Cask an incredibly complex whisky considering it’s only been maturing (albeit in Taiwan’s climate) for 5 years.


OMAR SingleMalt Whisky Sherry Cask. Nantou is the other distillery in Taiwan. Built in 2008 by the state, Omar single malt was launched in 2015. This is the bottling aged in sherry cask, resulting in a full-bodied and intense whisky with notes of caramel, toast, dried fruit and a hint of smoke.


OMAR Cask Strength Sherry Cask. An incredibly complex whisky considering it’s only been maturing (albeit in Taiwan’s climate) for 5 years.


Introduced as the flagship Port Charlotte expression produced by Bruichladdich in 2018, this 10 year old single malt from the Isle of Islay is a lip-smackingly smoky number indeed. It's peated to 40ppm, and drawn from a combination of first-fill American whiskey casks, second-fill American whiskey casks and second-fill French wine casks.


This expression from Bruichladdich, released under the Port Charlotte name, is as Islay as it gets. The spirit is distilled using barley grown on the Hebridean isle, with Bruichladdich working with seven farming partners to source it. It was aged in ex-American whiskey casks, and 25% of it was finished in Pessac-Léognan wine casks, imparting a smidge of fruit-forward sweetness to the smoky single malt.


Smoky sweetness galore here from Bruichladdich! This bottling of its heavily peated Port Charlotte single malt Scotch whisky was matured in a combination of sherry butts and American oak casks, and also enjoying a finishing period in Sauternes wine casks! Notorious for being deliciously sweet, the dessert wine has imparted some of those vibrant fruit notes to the smoky whisky, making for a particularly glorious sip!